childhood unplugged november

This month’s post stems from one of our best and most loved unplugged activities… reading. I have read books to my boys every night before bed since they were old enough to sit on the chair next to me, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that we graduated from the children’s picture books to full fledged chapter books.  As a big Harry Potter fan myself I thought reading the first book in the series to them would be fun for all of us, and I was right, times ten!  The excitement, the questions, the “ten more minutes, please please!” –  and witnessing their wonder, oh it has been the most fulfilling experience for me.  When it came time to choose Halloween costumes the fact my children chose based on a book made my heart swell…. Giac, always obsessed with Slytherin and snakes, picked his big green snake and Massi picked Harry… we joked all day that they could talk in Parseltongue!  To view the images of the other photographers please visit Childhood Unplugged.



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