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Saturday outings with three definitely take some getting use to, honestly I think it is just getting out of the house with the baby that is the hard part, she requires so much stuff – diapers, bottles, teethers, a stuffed animal, etc.  I took the three of the to Shorty’s BBQ for lunch and the boys quietly did their word search and then decided to play hangman.  It is incredible how long they can entertain themselves with a pencil and piece of paper. Being unplugged isn’t such a big thing now, we do it without complaining because that is just how it is.  No iPads or phones when we are out as a family, and when no is no long enough they stop asking.

After lunch we headed to Barnes and Nobles to get a few extra summer reading books and then home to read.  Giacomo is completely obsessed with Captain Underpants and has read every single book (I think there are 12) at least four times.  He basically has them all memories as well as the other books by Dav Pilkey and I was really hoping to find him another series that he loved since everything else he picks up just isn’t the same.  I have to say that the wonderful man in the children’s section took a liking to my book and was determined to help us.  After walking him around and telling him about a few different things he choose one and we took it home, The 13 Story Treehouse, and for the first time in a long time he couldn’t put it down.  So much so that I ordered the next three books in the series within a few days on Amazon.  I am always ordering things on Amazon but this time I have to say that there was a huge benefit to walking into the store and asking for help.  I should do it more often.



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