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childhood unplugged

Cool, happy and unplugged in nature is a nice change from hot and begging to be inside in the air conditioning with the ipad.  We took the gondola up the mountain, and the chairlift just a bit higher to get all the way to the top where the wind blowed in, well my hair at least.  The boys found sticks and threw rocks, big ones that should have actually stayed put, but they were out and exploring so I’m not complaining.

They ran to the rock wall and did it over and over, it took Giac a couple of tries but he finally hit the top, a BIG accomplishment and one he had never previously done so I am sure we will hear about it for another few days at least.  He’s actually feeling so confident he asked to go back to the big rock climbing place in Miami that overwhelmed him when we were there last.  Steps onward and upward, that’s for sure!

Living a childhood unplugged comes easily in the mountains where being outside is where everyone wants to be.  It is beautiful here and cool, did I mention cool?!


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