childhood unplugged august

the children had never been to california before so we decided on a very last minute trip across the country to see the pacific. we started in san francisco for a few days and then headed down to los angeles. of all the things we did i am pretty sure that the santa monica pier was the main attraction… we rode the rides (i was terrified on the roller coaster and cussed my way through it, not my finest moment as a parent), we played lots of carnival style games and won a few stuffed souvenirs to take home, and then we saw the ocean… first from the pier and then we walked on down and out to the vast ocean.  it’s incredible to talk about how we look out east on the atlantic at home and here they look out west on the pacific, but to see it, to show them these things is such a blessing.  it has been a truly wonderful summer full of adventure and lots of time being unplugged!

childhood unplugged, santa monica pier, pacific ocean, carolyn mara borlenghi


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