with the threat of hurricane erika headed for south florida we had a few nights of heavy rain, thunder and lightening… the boys kept wondering if we would loose power and have to stay locked up inside for days.  thankfully the hurricane never actually hit our area but with all the rain we were stuck inside and decided a big family tent on the living room couch needed to happen.  the boys fished out lots of blankets and sheets and had a fun filled afternoon making a magical mess!!  from outdoor adventures of new places to indoor wonderlands at home childhood unplugged forces me to photograph moments in my children’s lives and I am always grateful!

childhood unplugged, carolyn mara borlenghi


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Here is the second in a new series of videos created as memories for my boys when they grow.  Realizing that I have far too few moments recorded in moving pictures I am committed to this series, not just for me but for them.  This video play with our cousins in California was done on our recent trip last month.  It was the first time all the boys met and they took to each other immediately, wishing they could stay longer when it was coming to an end.  I am so grateful for this time they had together and can only hope it will not be years and years before we see them again!!

the children had never been to california before so we decided on a very last minute trip across the country to see the pacific. we started in san francisco for a few days and then headed down to los angeles. of all the things we did i am pretty sure that the santa monica pier was the main attraction… we rode the rides (i was terrified on the roller coaster and cussed my way through it, not my finest moment as a parent), we played lots of carnival style games and won a few stuffed souvenirs to take home, and then we saw the ocean… first from the pier and then we walked on down and out to the vast ocean.  it’s incredible to talk about how we look out east on the atlantic at home and here they look out west on the pacific, but to see it, to show them these things is such a blessing.  it has been a truly wonderful summer full of adventure and lots of time being unplugged!

childhood unplugged, santa monica pier, pacific ocean, carolyn mara borlenghi


Take a moment to view the work of the other Childhood Unplugged photographers by clicking here.  Also you can follow us on Instagram @childhoodunplugged and use our hashtag #childhoodunplugged for a chance to be featured!  We all thank you for your constant support and encourage you to be part of the childhood unplugged movement!

this summer I decided I wanted to focus on creating art with my children… keeping them involved in my passion and my art has always been at the forefront of my parenting style but when I heard about my dear friend  michelle gardella’s class ” Family Tapestry” at the DEFINE school I decided to enroll.  I had interviewed michelle for the childhood unplugged blog about this class a while back and had been wanting to take it.  I am always up for direction and ideas when it comes to creating!  I tend to love prompts and assignments!  This week I was given the assignment to leave my camera on my nightstand when I went to bed and photograph the very first five minutes of my day when we woke up in the morning.  As soon as my youngest walked in the door to say good morning I opened the blinds and and took a shot of him and his papa.  after a few he asked if he could take some of us… this is my FAVORITE shot of the bunch… the focus is all wrong (i think our hands are the focus point, ha) but it feels just perfect all the same! papa grabbed the camera and took a few of my boys and I and then our first five minutes were up.  I am loving creating this beautiful family tapestry of images and art project with my family and this project in particular has been a favorite… I am tempted to do it again, and again, and again!

family tapestry, the define school, michelle gardella, carolyn mara borlenghi

I want another baby just walking around the grocery store so actually having a newborn in front of me, with his newborn soft skin and his newborn smells, my ovaries pretty much start hurting!  after getting home from our trip the first thing I wanted to go was go and meet my god daughter’s new baby brother, they are family to us and having to wait nine days (due to the fact we were over seas) to meet him was hard enough.  what surprised me more than anything though was the fact that as handsome and incredibly soft and cuddly as baby wyatt was in the end it was big sister avery that captivated me… she had my tearing up within minutes of her entrance.  holding her new baby, and singing to him and kissing him and and and…  things are the moments that I so enjoy to add to my photography journal… the memories I don’ t want to forget, it’s why I like to snap a picture.

newborn baby, newborn photography

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In grad school I received a masters in photo, video and related media and my thesis was a video project… I spent hours editing in Final Cut Pro and honestly got a bit burnt out.  I have spent the last ten years working mostly in still photography but recently was reinvigorated to play with video after the talented Joy Prouty made a video for my family, something I wanted after seeing one she made for the Gardella’s.  I wanted something that I was in, that I could look back on and remember the time I spent with my children.  But after seeing it I was reminded of the beauty that video can bring and decided that this year I would make some videos for my boys to look back on.  So here is the first, with their cousins in Italy!  I am so happy to have reopened this form of art in my life, as I know it will be a gift for them!

this summer we packed up and headed to italy to spend time with family and friends, attend my cousin’s wedding, and immerse the children in the culture of their heritage!  growing up I spent summers in italy and feel fortunate to be able to do the same for my children, I want them to grow up identifying with both cultures.  this year we spent a few weeks in southern tuscany in a beautiful old home.  playing hide and seek is one of our favorite unplugged activities and having the opportunity to do it in a new space is incredibly exciting (for both them and me)!!  every room seems to tell a story all its own and i am thrilled i was able to have this experience with my children this summer.  spending time with my family and watching my boys melt right into the culture is a gift all its own.  childhood unplugged in a community of likeminded photographers set out to spend time unplugged with their children… to see the images of the other photographers visit the Childhood Unplugged website!

childhood unplugged, july. italy

summer has officially started and we took our first trip to visit grandparents and lots of friends in Texas!!  we went to the Italian Cultural Center while in Houston for an incredible cooking class combined with italian language learning called la piccola cucina! The boys had an incredible time, learning not only how to make an amazing torta pan di stele (cake with the italian cookies called pan di stele as well as whipped cream and nutella!) but also how to say a few things in italian!  makes me want to see what cultural center activities we can find in Miami as well.  these types of childhood unplugged activities are the best because not only did we get out of the house to do something unplugged but it was an educational experience!  to see the images of all the childhood unplugged photographers please visit the Childhood Unplugged website.

childhood unplugged, italian cultural center houston, la piccola cucina, carolyn mara borlenghi

Rufus is not just our dog, he is an important part of our family.  He is the pet that I always wanted for my children, you can lay on him, tug him, love him and need him and he is there for it all.  This post happened by accident, a day that I saw them together and I just quietly sat and watched… I went and grabbed my camera and started shooting.  These are the moments I want to remember, the natural and quiet moments at home. To view the work of the other childhood unplugged photographers please visit the childhood unplugged website!


i enjoyed a wonderful morning with my sweet friend erin and here gorgeous (and insanely well behaved) new bundle of joy.  baby quinntin was posing for my lens as if he knew exactly what to do, I think I fell in love!  mama erin is calm, cool and collected, enjoying having only one little one to love all over this time around!  thank you dear friend for inviting me into your home and allowing me to take a few shots of your dear sweet baby boy!!


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