what a pleasure to spend a morning with georgette and the newest addition to her beautiful family, baby georgette!  this baby girl was a dream – calm, happy and posing for the camera at only a week and a half old.  from photographing this baby to chatting with her wonderful mama i had the best time – can’t wait to spend more time with these two!


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It has been a year and we are having a celebration!  I feel so very blessed to have been asked to participate in childhood unplugged for the last year, more than anything else because I have spent time each and every month doing something outside the box with my boys.  I can look back on these experiences by flipping through the images and one day share them with my children, what a true gift.  I can’t wait to continue on this unplugged adventure… to see the other talented photographers’ work please visit Childhood Unplugged.



this month we spent some time in North Carolina and one of our favorite activities while there is going gem mining.  the boys are fascinated with what they uncover and the activity proves to be educational each and every time.  As we are coming close to a year doing this beautiful project I am feeling excited to reflect on the year of images I’ve made with my children and celebrate next month!!  Check out the other photographers beautiful submissions at Childhood Unplugged.



we spent a week in NJ and NY with my dear friend, the lovely audrey blake breheney, and as a fellow childhood unplugged photographer we decided to do our experience together this month.  she picked a beautiful open estate for us to visit and we brought my boys and her girls for an afternoon of exploration and play.  doing and photographing these experiences with my boys has been something we have come to look forward to each month and being able to share it with audrey was all the better.  visit audrey’s website to view her images and go to the childhood unplugged site to see the submissions for all the photographers this month!